Oil Combo

Double The Flavour, Double The Delight

Prepare to unlock a world of culinary inspiration as you discover the transformative magic of our oil combo. Embrace the artistry of flavours united and let them weave moments of connection and celebration in your kitchen. Each drop of our oils nourishes your body and feeds your soul.

Our wood-pressed oil combo transcends the ordinary, offering a taste symphony that blends diverse flavours and textures. With ingredients sourced from trusted farmers who share our commitment to quality, every drop of our oils is a work of art. From the gentle warmth of wood-pressed coconut oil to the robust earthiness of wood-pressed walnut oil, our combinations go beyond mere ingredients, adding depth to your dishes and leaving you with a profound sense of satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Oil Combo?

The journey from seed to oil is just as important as the result. To create our premium wood-pressed oils, we start by sourcing the finest seeds directly from trusted farmers who share our passion for sustainable agriculture. Once in our hands, the seeds and nuts undergo a meticulous cleaning and sorting process to remove impurities. We then employ our time-honoured wood-pressing method, using a wooden pestle to extract the oil. This ancient technique ensures the oil retains its natural properties and flavours, producing a remarkable product.

Our dedication to quality continues beyond extraction process. Each batch of wood-pressed oil is carefully tested for purity and freshness, ensuring that only the best reaches your table. We believe in providing you with oils that taste great and nourish your body and mind.