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Let’s take you on a journey where wellness and happiness unite. We introduce you to Aurganicum’s world-class products with a promise to harmonise your mind, body, and spirit. Get ready to unlock the essence and savour life's radiant joys with our Wood pressed oils manufacturers.

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We present a wide variety of health-improving products that will nourish you from the inside out, carefully crafted to satisfy your needs. To enjoy the rich, naturally sourced, expertly created products, explore our section.

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Why Wood Pressed Oils?

Aurganicum offers unrefined oils using traditional "Lakdi-Ghani" method. This method helps preserve all the essential nutrients making it a healthier option over refined oils as no harmful chemicals are used during extraction.


It contain all the essential nutrients your body requires.


Our healthy oils are free from all harmful chemicals and additives.


These oils are extracted at low temperatures & retain natural flavour.


We are committed to eco-friendly practices that ensure a healthier planet.

Preserving Nature's Essence

Bringing you Lakdi-Ghani" oils from Aurganicum, with high-nutrient and organically rich ingredients from all around the nation. We value the knowledge of our ancestors by valuing purity and nourishment. The wood pressed oils are meticulously extracted, keeping nature's essence and goodness and providing you nutritious as well as a chemical-free experience.

Our Process


Organically Sourced Seeds




Conventional Filtration


Final Quality Checks


Carefully Packed

Why Wood Pressed is Better Than Refined Oil

Discover the goodness and richness of wood pressed essential and cooking oils. Retaining natural nutrients, rich flavours, and no harmful chemicals, you can now enhance your culinary experience with these health-conscious cooking oils that are naturally made.


Extracted using a traditional wooden pestle.


Low-temperature crushing, preserving natural nutrients.


100% chemical and additives-free.


Higher smoke point compared to refined oils.


Kohlu-pressed oils retain the natural flavour and aroma.


Our oils are extracted using traditional methods that involve minimal processing.

What Our Customer Say

Our customers speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. You can experience our service through the eyes of our satisfied customers, who have shared their valuable stories and feedback that showcase the quality and impact of our pure products.

Aurganicum had been a part of our lives for a long time now. I've used many products by the company and vouch for the quality of the same. Their wood pressed cooking oils are pure and very beneficial for our health. Their mustard oil is staple in my kitchen.

- Mahima Chauhan

I loved the quality of the wood-pressed cooking oils and the packaging. I have tried a range of cooking oils in the past, and Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil is by far my favorite. I must say the best cooking oils out there in the market.

- Sakshi Verma

Amazing products. I have been using the mustard oil and sesame oil for cooking which really enhances the flavour of my Indian and Chinese dishes. I am also using apricot oil & coconut oil for my new born baby body massage and he loves it just like I do.

- Anjali Kantwal

Hands down to the quality.
Have been using the virgin coconut oil, almond oil and honey from Aurganicum for a long time now and switching to some other brand is no more an option for me. I recommend Aurganicum for all the health nuts.

- Disha Joshi

I must say the Best Healhty Products in town!! I ordered the Almond Oil and it has treated my hairfall problem to a great extent. Currently, I am using the Honey and Sharbats. They are truly amazing. Highly Recommend!!!

- Palak Sharma

Their products are of very high quality. Been using their mustard oil which makes the food taste soo amazing!!
I have even tried their rose water which is very calming and soothing to the skin.

- Aditya Verma

Best in Class products with unmatchable quality.I have been using the different varieties of aurganicum products and is completely satisfied.They are very healthy and best in use. Sharbat and Honey is one of my favourites!

- Rajat Bhatnagar

Organically Treated Gourmet, Personalised To Your Brand.

Our products maintain the same high standards, whether you are ordering in bulk or private labelling. Partner with us for your bulk orders.

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At Aurganicum, we cherish the essence of pure and authentic quality, incorporating the wisdom passed down by our ancestors. Our wood-pressed cooking and essential oils recapture the richness of traditional nourishment, empowering individuals with conscious, healthful decisions. We curate the finest ingredients carefully, free from harmful additives. 

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Nurturing A Nutritious Tomorrow

Our goal is to ensure the well-being of our little ones and generations to come.

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