Which Cooking Oil Is Good For Health In India

  • Oct 30, 2022
  • By Prachi Karnal
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If you constantly search for the best cooking oil for your home while grocery shopping, chances are good that you're seeking oils that improve the flavour of your food, are lovely for lowering cholesterol and heart health, and are within your budget. Every dietary component should provide maximum health advantages if one is to retain excellent health, and cooking oils are no exception. Various cooking oils with extra goodness and benefits are available on the market. Choosing from these options can sometimes take a lot of work.

Indian cuisine is renowned for its mouthwatering flavour, aroma, and finger-licking sensation. The cooking oil used in Indian cuisine is one of the main contributors to these features. The addition of cooking oil gives Indian food its signature flavour and texture. Auganicum is on a mission to restore traditional culinary practices by adapting to healthy ingredients used in the modern day. Thus, wood-pressed oils let you enjoy the meal in its natural form without having to compromise on the taste.

What Are Wood-Pressed Cooking Oils?

The popularity of wood-pressed oil is growing as more people become mindful of their health. Only the seeds with naturally occurring oil can be used to obtain wood-pressed oils. It signifies that oil can be easily extracted from natural oil seeds, such as peanut, groundnut, sunflower, safflower, sesame, mustard, coconut, and flaxseed, by applying pressure to the using a wooden pestle, also called "Kolhu." Unlike refined oils, these oils are not exposed to any heat, ensuring the high nutritional content is passed from the seeds to the oils.

Best Wood-Pressed Cooking Oils In India

Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is widely utilised in India's southern areas. Good fatty acids included in coconut oil are believed to help with controlling weight. Therefore, if you're trying to reduce weight and are pursuing the best cooking oil in India, this is your best option. Adding wood-pressed coconut oil to a daily diet enhances good cholesterol, normalises blood sugar levels, and strengthens the immune system. It is also an emollient oil used on the skin and hair to soften and condition them.

Wood-Pressed Sesame Oil

According to food historians, the Sesame seed oil is reportedly used in cooking extensively in places like Bengal and Odisha. Purely wood-pressed sesame oil is a crucial source of all-encompassing nutrition and flavour, and it is produced utilising the traditional Kachi Ghani technique to maintain its purity. Due to its high nutrient content, sesame oil is ideal for sautéing and salad dressings since it provides a touch of health to the dish. It is one of the most extensively used cooking oils, not just in Asia but also in countries like India. Numerous health advantages include its abundance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of heart disease and LDL cholesterol.

Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil that has been wood-pressed helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Peanut and ground nut oils are better for diabetes. Wood-pressed ground nut oil raises insulin levels, which therefore aids in regulating blood sugar levels. Fatty acids included in ground nut oil assist in the restoration of damaged hair. Kachi Ghani groundnut oil's high smoking point makes it easy to fry any cuisine. Given that it has no cholesterol, it is one of the healthiest oil substitutes.

Wood Pressed Mustard Oil

If you live in India, kachi ghani mustard oil is one of the finest oils for frying and preparing curries. The country's use of this oil benefits significantly from the climatic circumstances. MUFAs, commonly known as monounsaturated fatty acids, are abundant in mustard oil.

With a high smoke point of about 480°F (250°C), pure mustard oil is on par with other fats like butter. As a result, it is frequently used for high-heat culinary techniques like grilling, roasting, baking, and frying in nations like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. Experts believe that wood-pressed mustard oil is a potent immunity booster. Wood-pressed mustard oil's high antioxidant content aids the body in fending off free radicals, reducing the risk of serious illnesses, including cancer.

An Ending Note

Given the recent global events and climate change patterns, one needs to balance health and expenses. In Indian kitchens, cooking oils cannot be entirely eradicated. When we prepare food for our loved ones, we want to feed them with the best flavours and nutrition possible. Because cooking oil is a daily necessity, choosing the ideal one for your needs might be challenging. In fact, it must maintain its colour over time. Additionally, saturation is another vital element before purchasing your healthy cooking oil. Hence, it is essential to be sure that the cooking oil you choose does not oxidise quickly and sustains for a long time.

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