Benefits Of Using Besan In Our Daily Lifestyle

  • Oct 18, 2023
  • By Prachi Karnal
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Have you ever questioned how a common household item might hold the key to healthy skin, shiny hair, and overall beauty? Let me introduce you to besan, also known as gram flour, which is the golden flour of India. In addition to its culinary uses, this versatile flour has long been prized in Indian households for its amazing health and aesthetic advantages.

You will be exploring this wonderful flour as well as the various ways it can improve your daily life using it. This golden atta has a lot to offer, from nourishing your body to taking care of your skin. In order to understand why gram flour deserves a special position in your daily living, let's start this fascinating trip.

What Is Besan? 

Besan or gram flour is an atta made of chana dal or split brown chickpeas. It is used to make fine powder. This flour is a mainstay in Indian cuisine and is often used to make mouthwatering foods like pakoras, chillas, ladoos, Bhajji, Mysore Pak, and many kinds of bread. Its significance extends outside of the kitchen, though. This brown chickpea gram atta is a rich source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. 

Despite its mildly nutty flavour and delicate texture, this golden atta has a lot more to offer. It has body-nourishing as well as skin-treating properties. To know how, continue reading. 

Health Benefits Of Besan

Below are some of the health benefits of this golden flour. 

Manages Diabetes 

This golden flour is low in glycaemic index and rich in beneficial unsaturated fats. This characteristic makes it useful for managing diabetes. It can be used to make parathas and rotis in place of wheat flour.

Lower Blood Pressure

It has a high level of soluble fibre as well as is quite rich in essential vitamins and minerals. As we know, potassium lowers blood pressure. It also becomes advantageous for a healthy heart as well.


When combined in the proper amounts, gluten-free gram flour can serve as an egg substitute. It is suitable for vegan cooking and benefits people with gluten allergies.

Helps During Pregnancy

It is high in folate, which aids in the brain and spinal cord development of the baby. As a result, it is advantageous for improving the health of the developing foetus. 

Bowel Movement

Eating more gram atta means eating more dietary fibre. Eating more dietary fibre leads to better bowel movements, more frequent bowel movements, and easier bowel movements. Consuming this flour can help you to have better bowel movements. 

Now that you have gone through the various health benefits let us have a look at the benefits of using this flour for our skin and hair care.

Benefits Of Besan For Skin

Who would not want a glowing and flawless complexion? Split brown chickpeas atta is your answer to achieving radiant skin.

Provides Natural Glow: 

It gives your skin a radiant makeover by gently scrubbing away dead skin cells, revealing your inner glow.

Aid Pimple: 

Say goodbye to acne! This brown chickpea atta's zinc content is like your personal acne-fighting superhero.

Remove Spots:

 Got dark spots? Besan's natural bleaching properties help fade them, leaving your skin tone even.

Oil Control: 

This flour keeps your skin from getting too oily so that you can stay fresh all day.

Confidence Boost: 

With this golden flour, you will strut your stuff with newfound skin confidence. It's like a little beauty secret you'll love to share.

Now, let us move towards learning the benefits of gram flour for hair.

Benefits Of Besan For Hair

Everyone wants smooth, lustrous hair, and gram flour can be your best partner when it comes to your hair care routine. Let us see how:

Makes Hair Shiny: 

It makes your hair shine like it's ready for the red carpet.

Clean Scalp: 

Natural besan keeps your scalp clean and happy, which is the secret to healthy hair.

Increase Volume:

 Flat hair? Gram flour pumps up the volume so you can have that bouncy, lively hair you have always wanted.

Natural TLC: 

This golden flour takes care of your hair naturally, without all those complicated chemicals. Your hair will thank you with a fabulous hair day!

A Key Takeaway 

As we finish our exploration of natural besan's world, one thing becomes very clear: this simple gram flour is a life-saver for your skin, your hair, your health, and your life. Its versatility and efficacy make it an essential ingredient in your kitchen and beauty routine. So, why wait? Start consuming gram flour and unlock its countless advantages for a healthier, more beautiful you. Make this amazing brown chickpea atta your daily partner, and you will be amazed at the transformation it brings to your life. It is not just an ingredient; it's a holistic wellness as well as a beauty secret passed down from one generation to another.

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