Kashmiri Rose Water/ Gulab Jal

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Key Specifications

Organically sourced

No added preservatives

Possess anti-ageing properties

Contains antioxidants


An Ancient Remedy - Kashmiri Rose Water (Gulab Jal)

Since ancient times, rose water has been utilised as a beauty aid. The antimicrobial qualities could lessen acne. The anti-inflammatory capabilities can reduce the skin's redness and puffiness. Aurganicum's rose water is a natural moisturiser that calms and softens the face. It assists in restoring the pH balance of the skin and removes extra oil without drying it. Kashmiri Rose water / Gulab Jal from Aurganicum will gently cleanse, energise, and nourish the senses with the alluring aroma of rose petals. 

The Alluring Fragrance From Kashmir

Rose petals are steam-distilled to produce rose water. Rose water has a pleasant scent and is occasionally used as a gentle natural fragrance in place of perfumes that include chemicals. It is believed to have its roots in what is now Iran. Both cosmetics, food and drink products have historically used it. There are a tone of possible health advantages as well.

    Vendor: Aurganicum
    Type: Beauty & Wellness
    Size: 120 ml
    Material: Glass

    Relieves headaches

    Protects against skin issues

    Heals cuts and wounds

    Acts as a mood enhancer