How Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil Is Healthier Option For A Diabetic Person

  • May 10, 2023
  • By Prachi Karnal
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When it comes to diabetes, a healthy diet plays a significant role in it. Diabetic patients must be careful about their food choices to maintain blood sugar. Wood-pressed coconut oil, which has gained immense popularity for its health benefits, is a topic of debate for diabetic patients. But did you know it is healthier for people with high sugar levels? Here, we will explore its benefits and why it is a better choice for diabetic patients.  


What Is Diabetes? 

It's a metabolic complaint indicated by high blood sugar situations due to the body's incapability to produce enough insulin. There are three types of diabetes: 

1. Type 1

Insulin-Dependent or Juvenile- Onset Diabetes is also another name for Type 1. Our vulnerable system attacks and destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. As a result, people suffering from it have to take insulin injections or use a pump to manage their blood sugar levels. 

2. Type 2 

It is most prevalent in diabetes. It happens when the body develops insulin resistance, and the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to overcome this resistance. As a result, blood glucose levels increase. These are typically linked to obesity, inactivity, and bad eating habits. 


3. Gestational Diabetes

It occurs when the hormones produced during gestation make it difficult for the body to use insulin effectively. It generally goes down after the baby is born. Still, it increases the threat of developing Type 2 for both the mother and child later in life. 


What Is Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil? 


Traditional, unrefined methods of obtaining coconut oil from dried coconut kernels include wood pressing. This technique involves grating dried coconut kernels before pressing the gratings to release the oil. The term "wood-pressed" refers to the fact that wood is employed as the press in this procedure. All the nutrients remain intact as they do not include any chemicals or heat.


Coconut Oil And Diabetes

It has gained popularity due to its multitudinous health benefits, including possible benefits for them. This oil is a rich source of medium-chain fatty acids( MCAFs), which are fluently absorbed and metabolized by the liver. They can help alleviate your insulin perceptivity and reduce the threat of heart complaints.   

Also, it has a low glycemic indicator. It means it doesn't cause an unforeseen shift in blood sugar situations. Consuming it can help lose weight, which is pivotal for cases with high sugar as obesity is a major factor for Type 2.   

Still, there's a difference between refined and wood-pressed coconut oil. Refined oil is reused using chemicals and high heat, which can remove some of its beneficial properties. On the other hand, wood-pressed oil is uprooted through a traditional system that involves pressing the coconut meat to prize the oil, which retains its nutrients.


Why Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil Is Beneficial For Diabetic Person 

This oil is more advantageous for them as it retains its natural nutrients and has an advanced content of MCFAs, making it easier to digest and metabolize. The extraction process involves no chemicals or high heat, which helps the oil retain its healthy properties.   

It is rich in lauric acid also, which has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It can improve heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol levels.


Ways To Include Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil In Diet

Here are some ways to incorporate it into a diabetic person's diet:


     1. Stir-Frying Or Sautéing Vegetables

They have a high smoke point, so they can be heated to extreme temperatures without losing their nutritional value. It makes it a perfect choice for stir-frying or sautéing vegetables, an important part of any healthy diet.


      2. Adding It To Smoothies Or Soups

Adding a teaspoon to smoothies or soups is an easy way to incorporate it into their diet. It adds a delicate texture and subtle flavour while furnishing health benefits like bettered digestion and increased energy.


     3. As A Spread On Toast Or Bread

It can be used on bread or toast rather than butter or margarine. It adds a  succulent flavour and can help keep your blood sugar situation stable all day.


      4. Baking

Rather than other oils or adulation, it can be used in baking recipes rather than other oils or butter. It adds a rich flavour and can help produce a moist and tender texture in baked goods. Still, keeping the total calorie input in mind when incorporating it into the diet is important, as redundant consumption can lead to weight gain. 



Wood-pressed coconut oil is a healthier alternative than refined oil for similar cases. Its unique composition of MCFAs, lauric acid, and low glycemic indicators makes it an ideal choice for managing blood sugar situations and perfecting insulin sensitivity. Incorporating it into the diet is easy.. Still, it's essential to note that while it has numerous health benefits, it's still a source of fat and should be consumed in temperance. Individuals should always work with their healthcare provider to decide the appropriate amount of oil to be incorporated into their diet. 

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