Discovering The Different Types Of Wood-Pressed Oils: From Sesame To Coconut

  • Jan 27, 2023
  • By Prachi Karnal
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Wood pressed oils are extracted using a wooden pestle or ghani. It is a traditional method of extracting oils. The technique uses a wooden pestle and wooden collector to press and collect the oil. The temperature during the entire process is kept under 40 degrees; the wood pestle absorbs it. It helps in controlling all the nutrients intact. Wood-pressed oils are a healthier choice than other refined oils.

7 Health Benefits Of Wood-Pressed Oils

1. Cholesterol Free

    Wood-pressed cooking oils contain Vitamin E and phenols, which help lower cholesterol levels in the blood by protecting the liver from oxidative issues and reducing oxidative stress.

    2. Prevent Health Problems

      Wood-pressed oils prevent many health problems, such as; heart disease, regulating blood pressure and blood sugar level, preventing cancer risk, and strengthening jaws and bleeding gums .

      4. Good For Skin Health

        According to dermatologists, wood-pressed coconut oil can also be a toner and moisturiser. They also serve as a great hair mask and excellent solution for curly hair. Wood-pressed essential oils with fragrance ingredients, vitamins and nourishing agents are excellently used on the face and neck. Cosmetic experts recommend that wood-pressed essential oil mixed with a tint or foundation cream can be applied as a base during makeup.

        5. Natural Taste

          Wood-pressed oils are extracted using a natural process that preserves their freshness. So when you cook with wood-pressed oil, you will feel the difference in taste. Wood-pressed oils always keep the natural aroma of oilseeds in hand. The purely natural method of production allows wood-pressed oils to retain their flavour without being denatured.

          6. Boost Immunity

            Wood-pressed cooking oils boost immunity as they are rich in oleic acids and all essential vitamins and minerals the body requires. They also help prevent damage to the body as they are rich in antioxidants.

            7. Chemical Free

              Wood-pressed oil never exceeds 40 degrees during extraction. A wooden-ghani is used, which helps maintain a low temperature and keeps all nutrients intact, so no chemical is added or required during extraction.

              Types Of Wood-Pressed Oils

              Let's take a look at some types of wood-pressed oils:

              Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil

                Wood-pressed coconut oil is popular in southern India. It is extracted by pressing whole coconuts. It has many health benefits, including antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. It also promotes weight loss in many cases. Wood-pressed oil is highly resourceful. It has a delicate flavour and is widely used worldwide for culinary purposes.

                Wood-Pressed Sesame Oil

                  Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds. Sesame oil is a staple in Asian cuisine, especially Indian cuisine, and in alternative therapies. Wood-pressed sesame oil is extracted by pressing and crushing the seeds without roasting. It retains the maximum possible nutrients during processing. It is high in essential fatty acids, which get depleted when sesame seeds are roasted and heated. Wood-pressed sesame oil helps improve hair's strength and shine and prevents fatigue and insomnia. Also, wood-pressed oil contains antioxidants, which help avoid cancer risk.

                  Wood-Pressed Mustard Oil

                    Mustard oil is obtained from the seeds of mustard plants. The oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which reduce the chances of developing heart disease. It is one of the most common ingredients in Indian cuisine, primarily known for its intense flavour, aroma and high smoke point. MUFA are abundant in wood pressed mustard oil and are essential nutrients for our body. Mustard oil is one of the best wood-pressed cooking oil.

                    Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil

                      Groundnut oil is also used for cooking. This oil has a nutty flavour, provides various health benefits, and contains monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. The health benefits of wood-pressed groundnut oil include skin care, lowering cholesterol levels, and improving heart health and the nervous system. It may help reduce cancer risk, boost cognitive function, strengthen the immune system, and lower blood pressure.

                      Wood-Pressed Apricot Oil

                        Apricot kernels (seeds) are used to make apricot oil. The age-old wood-press process produces apricot oil from premium kernels or seeds. By doing this, the chemical components of the oil are protected from change. Apricot oil, a long-forgotten treasure, is miraculous in more ways than one. In Indian households, apricot has long been considered one of the best ingredients for skin care as it is light, delicate and non-greasy. The smell of the oil is that of recently ripe apricots.

                        Wood-Pressed Almond Oil

                          People have used almond oil for generations to heal minor cuts and wounds and to soothe the skin. Wood-pressed almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, an excellent copper, magnesium, and phosphorous source. The antioxidant-rich oil is renowned for its ability to fight free radicals. Almond oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can help keep your cholesterol levels in check and boost your memory. It can help reduce the risk of severe diseases like cancer and other heart diseases.

                          Wood-Pressed Walnut Oil

                            Wood-pressed walnut oil is an excellent addition to sweet and savoury foods. This walnut oil is a great alternative to adding vinegar and seasonings to salad dressings. Also, it tastes great when poured over steamed vegetables. At the same time, walnut oil has a delicate, slightly nutty flavour and some healthy ingredients. Consuming walnut oil may positively affect the heart, blood sugar and cancer.

                            Summing Up

                            Wood-pressed oils are highly beneficial and 100% chemical free oils when it comes to health. Wood-pressed cooking oil is one of the best options to enhance the food's taste, aroma and nutritional content. Moreover, many wood-pressed essential oils keep skin and hair healthy. Consuming oils such as wood-pressed coconut oil and wood-pressed sesame oil can give many health benefits as these are the powerhouse of nutrients, works as an immunity booster, help lower cholesterol, and boosts the weight loss process.

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