Is Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil Good For Cooking?

  • Oct 30, 2022
  • By Prachi Karnal
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One of the most essential elements in Indian cooking is oil. In various regions of the nation, several kinds of cooking oils are used. The type of crop planted, terrain, climate, and water availability in a location all affect how much oil is used there. In India, mustard oil is used in Punjab, Bengal, and eastern India, coconut oil is primarily used in the south and west Indian kitchens, and groundnut oil is commonly used in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

There are many different cooking options accessible in the modern world, particularly when it comes to cooking oil. In addition to an extensive range of seed and vegetable-based oils available on the market, oils can also be extracted from their sources in various ways. Among these comes wood-pressed oils. Even if refined oils are becoming common, a significant section of our population continues to use conventional cooking oils. There are other ways to refer to them, but Wood Pressed Oils are the most frequently used.

How Is Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil Extracted?

As the name suggests, wood-pressed oils are made by pressing and crushing sun-dried coconuts in a wood pestle to obtain the oil. The most important thing about the wood pressing procedure is that it uses a hardwood pestle and wooden collector to press and gather the coconut oil. The wood pestle doesn't produce heat through friction; instead, it absorbs any temperature rise. The goal is to maintain the process' overall temperature below 40 degrees.

Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil Benefits

With the growing trend toward a healthy lifestyle, people choose wood-pressed coconut oils instead of regular/refined oils to retain the best possible heart health. Let's dive in to learn more about the health benefits of wood-pressed coconut oil.

Powerhouse Of Nutrients

Refined oils are produced at high temperatures, eliminating beta carotene and vitamin E. Wood-pressed coconut oil maintains its beneficial nutritional qualities. Vitamin E provides both healing and anti-inflammatory capabilities. The natural, protective antioxidants that would otherwise be destroyed by heat are preserved by cold pressing. This Coconut oil has a high nutritional content and is highly recommended as a substitute for cooking. They also include zinc and nutrients like potassium, lecithin, and vitamins A, C, E, and D. Bioflavonoids are also present in wood-pressed oils.

Works As An Immunity Booster

Oleic acids are abundant in wood-pressed oils, which strengthen the immune system. It has healthy antioxidants that lessen cell damage in our bodies. For example, wood-pressed coconut oil, made without heating from fresh and ripe coconut kernels, is a great immune system enhancer. Its antioxidants guard against the harm done by free radicals.

Works The Best For Healthy Skin

According to skin specialists, wood-pressed coconut oil can also be a toner and moisturiser. They also form a fantastic hair mask and are a terrific cure for curly hair. Wood-pressed oils with nourishing agents, vitamins, and fragrance components work wonders on the face and neck. Cosmetic experts advise using tinted or foundation cream combined with wood-pressed oil as a base while applying makeup.

Best For Weight Management

Unprocessed wood-pressed coconut oil is consumed by those who follow the Keto diet. For epileptic patients on a ketogenic diet, unsaturated fats are used to boost ketone levels while allowing for a little increase in carbohydrate intake. You will eat less if you use coconut oil that has been wood-pressed. You lose fat if your body expends more calories and energy than it consumes.

Protects Your Heart

Coconut oil has acquired a lot of attention lately for its heart-health benefits. This is due to research indicating that it may lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels while raising HDL (good cholesterol). However, there is conflicting information regarding how coconut oil affects blood cholesterol levels. Further investigation has revealed that it may dramatically elevate LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, raising the risk of heart disease.

Bottom Line

The scales will shift in favour of wood-pressed oils when it comes time to compare them against refined oils to determine the superior option. Why? Because the oil has a more improved flavour and does not react with wood, it is extracted at a lower temperature than refined oils. Additionally, wood-pressed oils are healthier because they don't include chemicals, preservatives, or trans fat, which can all individually be more harmful to your health than beneficial. You can now order 100% naturally sourced Kachi Ghani coconut oil online at Aurganicum, where we preserve ancestral values in the form of healthy kitchen habits.

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