Browntop Millet

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Key Specifications

Chemical-free agricultural methods used

Cultivated organically

Great source of iron and protein



The Polyonymous Millet

South East Asia is the region of origin for browntop millet, also known as dixie signal grass. Browntop is cultivated for a variety of reasons, including feed production, erosion control, wildlife attraction (dove fields), and straw production. The seed of browntop millet can survive in the soil for many years and is a suitable plant for reseeding. Due to its high nutritional value and capacity for climatic adaptation, brown top millet, also known as Korale millet, is the rarest of all millet kinds and is in high demand. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and sections of north-central India's dry regions are rich in brown top millet cultivation.

Organic Cultivation By Our Farmers

Using conventional drillers, browntop millet seeds are sown around one inch below the topsoil during cultivation. Within a week, these begin to sprout. but it takes three to four months to reach maturity. Rows are spaced properly to provide for optimal watering and weed-free growth. The outer shells of the harvested grains are subsequently removed during processing in flour mills. They are then hand-selected before packaging and shipping. 

Vendor: Aurganicum
Type: Millets & Seeds
Size: 1Kg
Material: Brown Paper Bag

Improves sleeping patterns

Used as an energy booster

Detoxifies body

Improves digestive system