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Key Specifications

High Omega-3 content

Includes essential vitamins and minerals

Rich in fibre

Contains antioxidant properties


The Historic Essence Of Chia Seeds!

Salvia Hispanica, a desert plant that belongs to the mint family, produces chia seeds. The seed is believed to have originated in Central America, where the ancient Aztecs used it as the main ingredient in their diet. The Aztecs claim to have recorded Chia for the first time in 3500 B.C. In addition to being consumed whole, chia seeds had historically been crushed into flour, added to beverages, and pressed into oil. It might be stored for a significant amount of time. In addition to these practical applications, the seed had a deeper meaning for the Aztecs. It was holy and sacrificed as part of religious rituals. Chia is a plant-based superfood and an excellent option for vegans and vegetarians as it is rich in omega-3 and vitamin B and loaded with minerals.

The Organic Farming Process

As part of its commitment to upholding the true ideals of our ancestors, Aurganicum obtains these organically cultivated chia seeds directly from the farmers, who nourish them with love and care. As in the start, the seeds are spread out in weed-free soil. Then after, they receive regular waterings, and in about a week, little sprouts begin to appear. Regular mulching is done to maintain the soil's moisture so saplings can grow more quickly and healthily. The seeds don't need much fertiliser, which is the best part. Chia is generally regarded as a short-day plant that does not do well in long-day seasons, making winter the best time to grow them. They cannot, however, endure heavy colds or snow. This is how we can provide you with the organic, freshly harvested product that assures you to develop a healthy eating routine and live a long, disease-free life. 

Vendor: Aurganicum
Type: Millets & Seeds
Size: 250 gm

Lowers high blood pressure

Prevents cardiac issues

Promotes bone health

Offers healthier weight management