Foxtail Millet

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Key Specifications

Organically harvested

Composed of vitamin B12

Contains crude fibre

Rich in calcium, iron, proteins


From The Beginning

Setaria italica, a crop grown annually in dry and semi-arid locations, is a tiny seed that is roughly 2 mm in size and wrapped in a thin, crispy shell. It is typically available in pale yellow-brown or rusty black. As per historical evidence, this gluten-free cereal was widely farmed in Cishan, China, along the Yellow River as early as 8000 years ago. This crop does well in times of drought. Foxtail millet is a well-known crop that is short-lived and drought-resistant.

Foxtail Millet In Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, millets are referred to as Trinadhanya or Kudhanya. Foxtail millets are described as sweet and astringent to taste foods that boost Vata dosha while balancing doshas connected to pitta, Kapha, and blood tissues in early Ayurvedic books like Mahodadhi, published by Sushena in the 14th century.

Vendor: Aurganicum
Type: Millets & Seeds
Size: 1Kg
Material: Brown Paper Bag

Strengthens nervous system

Improves cardiac health

Lowers bad cholesterol

Great for skin and hair health