Kodo Millet

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Key Specifications

Possess anti-oxidant properties

Cultivated organically

Contains calcium, iron and polyphenols

Great substitute for rice and wheat


Ayurvedic Cow Grass

The drought-tolerant annual plant known as Kodo, Koda, or Arke millet, with the scientific name Paspalum scrobiculate, is widely grown in India, Nepal, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and West Africa. Kodo millet is categorised by Trina Dhanya Varga as an ancient kind of Indian medicine that is described as langhana, which means to bring lightness to the body (grains that are produced by grass-like plants). Ditch millet, cow grass, rice grass, and Indian cow grass are additional names for Kodo millet. In Hindi, it is known as Kodo dhana; in Telugu, Arikalu; in Tamil, Varagu; in Gujarati; in Kannada, Harka; and in Urdu, Kodon.

A Storehouse Of Nutritional Content

One of the most common cereals available to humans globally is Kodo millet. Kodo millets have undoubtedly earned a spot on the list of superfoods in the modern era because of their remarkable nutritional qualities. Strong antioxidants can be found in astonishing amounts in Kodo millets. These antioxidants also combat the cell-damaging effects of free radicals.

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Controls diabetes

Helps in weight loss

Keeps heart healthy

Prevents cancers