Wood/Cold-Pressed Almond Oil Dropper

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Key Specifications

Anti Fungal Properties

Antibacterial Properties

Antioxidant Rich

Rich In Vitamins & Minerals


Boosting Your Wellness With Wood/Cold-Pressed Almond Oil

Aurganicum's Wood/Cold-Pressed Edible Almond Oil is a pure wellness elixir sourced from the heart of nature. The oil is carefully extracted using traditional methods, i.e. a wooden pestle from Kashmiri Mamra Giri almonds. The oil preserves all the natural goodness. It's a nourishing treasure for your body and soul. This versatile oil has numerous applications in your daily wellness routine.

A few drops offer soothing moisture and comfort for those seeking relief from nasal discomfort. Meanwhile, the ancient practice of navel drops promotes inner balance and vitality. This cold/wood-pressed almond oil complements activities in yoga by aiding deep relaxation and flexibility. And for your little ones, a loving massage with this oil not only nurtures their delicate skin but also calms their senses.


Packaged conveniently in a dropper, our Cold/Wood-Pressed Edible Almond Oil ensures purity by being free from harsh chemicals and additives. Whether practicing ancient traditions, enhancing your yoga, or simply seeking a bonding ritual for your baby, this oil is your holistic companion on your wellness journey. Experience nature's goodness with every drop.

Vendor: Aurganicum
Type: Edible Essential Oils
Size: 100 ml

Baby Massage

Relief Nasal Conjunction

Nourishes The Skin

Promote Hair Growth