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Wood Pressed Sunflower Oil

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Key Specifications

Rich in saturated fat lauric acid

Boosts levels of lipids

High smoke point

Possess tenderising properties


Exploring The Essence Of Wood-Pressed Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil, or 'Surajmukhi ka tel', is extracted using the seeds of the sunflower plant, also known as Helianthus Annuus. Wood-pressed sunflower oil carries with it a rich legacy that spans centuries. Surajmukhi oil represents a timeless commitment to preserving the essence of sunflower seeds, rooted in traditions prioritising the purity of natural ingredients. At its core lies a wooden press, an age-old apparatus connecting us to past generations. This traditional method begins with carefully selecting sunflower seeds, which ensure the utmost quality and purity. What sets wood-pressed sunflower oil apart is the wooden-pressing technique. Unlike modern methods that apply heat, this process maintains the oil's integrity, allowing it to retain its natural flavour, unaltered colour, and essential nutrients. The result is an oil that embodies authenticity and the true essence of sunflower seeds. It's a culinary treasure that connects us to our roots and offers a taste of pure, unadulterated nature. 

Health And Culinary Excellence

Wood-pressed sunflower oil is not merely an ingredient; it's a harmonious blend of health and culinary excellence. Its balanced composition of fats, specifically rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, emerges as a booster for heart health. Surajmukhi ka tel plays a pivotal role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and supporting overall cardiovascular system well-being. However, its value extends far beyond health benefits. Culinary versatility is one of its defining features. With a mild, pleasant flavour and a high smoke point, it effortlessly adapts to various cooking methods and is known to be one of the best wood-pressed cooking oils. Surajmukhi ka tel is suitable for all cooking types, such as frying, baking, and sauteing. It gives a healthy touch to every dish you create using wood-pressed sunflower oil. But its merits do not stop there. It boasts a nutrient-rich profile featuring vitamin E and phytosterols. These components contribute to its antioxidant prowess, fortifying your body against oxidative stress.


Additionally, they support your immune system and may assist in managing weight effectively. By adopting Surajmukhi ka tel in your kitchen, you enhance your culinary creations and nurture your well-being with a product that seamlessly matches health and flavour. It's a testament to the beauty of balance and the art of authenticity in the culinary world.

The Extraction Process

We bring our food producers' aromatic, healthy delicacies from the farm to your doorstep. Thus, we offer 100% organic tastes and a plethora of health blessings through our ancestral values.

Sourced From The Origins

With a belief in eco-sustainability and heritage preservation, we source our critical ingredients from their place of origin via farmers. Hence ensuring pure and healthy production.

Sun-Dried Sunflower Seeds

The sunflower seeds are then naturally sun-dried to ensure no refinement is needed during the process and that our traditional methods are upheld.

Grinding In Wooden Pestle

In order to maintain their nutritious value, the sun-dried seeds are pressed using a wooden pestle at a low temperature.

Conventional Filtration

Before final sieve filtering, the extracted oil is put into large containers and allowed to sediment for about 3 to 4 days.
Vendor: Aurganicum
Type: Cooking Oils
Size: 1 L, 5 L


Prevent Heart Diseases

Immunity Booster

Lowers Cholesterol

Good For Skin