Barnyard Millet Flour

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Key Specifications

Low Glycemic Index

Rich source of iron


Plant-based protein


Barnyard Millet Flour: A Gift From Nature

Barnyard Millet Flour, or Sanwa Flour, brings a nourishing touch to your lives. Nurtured by the loving hands of nature, this amazing positive millet flour emerges as a gift from the earth itself, grounded with care to preserve its inherent goodness.

As you delve deeper into the wealth of knowledge surrounding this nutritious grain, you will learn its numerous health benefits that nourish your body and soul. With essential nutrients, Barnyard Millet Flour offers a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. In every bite, you can savour the essence of well-being, embracing the sentiment that food is not merely fuel but a healer.

A Culinary Journey Of Health

Sanwa Flour’s unique gluten-free nature makes it a boon for those with dietary restrictions, ensuring everyone can savour its goodness. With each culinary masterpiece, barnyard millet flour adds a touch of wholesomeness to your dishes, making them delicious and soul-nourishing. From mouthwatering rotis and pancakes to cookies and muffins, this healthy flour adapts effortlessly to various forms, inspiring creativity in your kitchens. It becomes the best flour for health-conscious individuals, aiding in weight loss and promoting a balanced diet.

Vendor: Aurganicum
Type: flour
Size: 1 kg

Prevents anaemia

Control thyroid

Boosts immunity

Maintains weight