Finger Millet Flour

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Key Specifications

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Great Source Of Calcium


Plant-based protein


A Healthy Legacy For Modern Wellness

Ragi Flour, or Finger Millet Flour, is a timeless grain that has held communities together for generations. Its small, unassuming seeds may seem unremarkable initially, but these are full of health benefits. From providing ample protein, calcium, and essential amino acids to being gluten-free flour, it thoughtfully meets the needs of those with special dietary needs, making it a true champion of health for all. Moreover, the wisdom of our ancestors remains a testament in this ancient grain to the enduring knowledge passed down through the ages.

A Flour That Cares

Ragi Atta helps maintain a healthy weight and works magic in enhancing the glow of your skin and hair from within. Its nourishing embrace fosters a radiant beauty that stems from true well-being, filling your life with a profound sense of self-appreciation and confidence. Ragi Flour becomes more than just flour; it becomes a caring companion in your pursuit of a healthier and happier life.

Vendor: Aurganicum
Type: flour
Size: 1 kg

Promotes Liver Health

Strengthen Bones

Control Blood Sugar Level

Boost Red Blood Cell Growth