Black Cardamom

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Detoxification properties

Antibacterial properties

Anti-inflammatory properties


Aromatic History Of Black Cardamom

Black cardamom (Badi Elaichi) is a spice that's native to the eastern Himalayas and is extensively used in Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan cooking. Its history dates back to ancient times, and was considered a  precious spice in trade. Badi Elaichi has a rich history in Ayurveda. It was used to medicate digestive and respiratory problems. It remains a popular spice in the culinary world for its unique smoky, earthy flavour and aroma. Its history is a testament to its enduring popularity and utility in cookery and medicine.  

An Earthy And Smoky Spice

Elevate your cuisine with Aurganicum's premium quality black cardamom spice. Our black cardamom is sourced from the Himalayas. It's perfect for adding an earthy, hoarse flavour to your dishes. It's essential in Indian and Asian cuisine and is generally used in relish dishes like curries and stews. With its unique aroma similar to camphor, black cardamom is also used to flavour tea and other beverages.

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Lowers blood pressure

Aid in weight loss

Maintains oral hygiene

Osteoporosis prevention