Desi Khand

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Key Specifications

No added preservatives

Low calorific value

Rich in Minerals and Vitamins

Higher nutritional value


Why is Desi Khand used?

Desi Khand is used for its natural sweetness and health benefits. Made from sugarcane, it retains molasses, giving it a rich flavour. Unlike refined sugars, Desi Khand is unprocessed, preserving nutrients. It's a healthier choice, offering your food and drinks a unique taste. The natural sweetness enhances dishes without the drawbacks of overly processed sugars. Whether in tea, desserts, or cooking, Desi Khand brings a touch of tradition and goodness. It's a way to enjoy sweetness while staying connected to the roots of Indian culture, providing a pure and wholesome alternative to regular sugars.

Desi Khand Extraction Process

Desi Khand is extracted from sugarcane using a simple and traditional process. First, sugarcane is harvested and cleaned to remove impurities. Then, it's crushed to extract the juice. This juice is heated to evaporate the water content, leaving behind a thick, brown liquid with molasses. The liquid is stirred to encourage sugar crystals to form. The crystals are separated, and Desi Khand remains unrefined and natural. Desi Khand keeps its original molasses content, unlike regular sugar, giving it a unique flavour. This extraction method avoids harsh chemicals and excessive processing, preserving the nutritional goodness of sugarcane. The result is a pure, traditional sweetener that reflects the simplicity and purity of its extraction process.

Vendor: Aurganicum
Type: Sweeteners
Size: 1 Kg
Material: Brown Paper Bag

Reduces Stress

Increases Haemoglobin Count

Improves digestion

Purifies Blood