Jaggery Cubes

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Key Specifications

No added preservatives

Dark-brown in colour

Organically sourced from farmers

Rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium


Why Are Jaggery Cubes Used?

Minerals, including iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, are abundant in jaggery (Gurh). It preserves all the minerals because it is made from sugar cane juice, which is not refined or bleached. The Jaggery Cubes are produced by simply boiling the extracted juice of organically grown sugarcane without the use of harsh chemicals. Often called 'gur' in India, this gorgeous, rich, healthy jaggery is used in sweet, savoury dishes.

The Farmers' Organic Method!

Good-grade full-grown, matured sugar cane serves as the core raw material for the unit. The easy process of creating jaggery includes crushing the sugarcane to extract the juice, filtering and boiling the juice to concentrate it, and finally cooling and solidifying the syrup to produce jaggery blocks. In a typical crusher, the juice is removed. It is then filtered and heated in shallow iron pans. The cooking liquid is then allowed to cool in iron or aluminium pots to create the jaggery blocks. The weight of the jaggery block determines the precise size of these moulds. Finally, in jute cloth, the blocks are packaged and shipped.

    Vendor: Aurganicum
    Type: Sweeteners
    Size: 900 gms
    Material: Plastic Container

    Best for digestive system

    Prevents anaemia

    Helps in glucose control and weight loss

    Prevents respiratory problems