Kashmiri Raw Kahwa

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Key Specifications

Rich in essential vitamins & minerals

No caffeine

High anti-oxidant properties

Natural spices


Detoxifying Kashmiri Cuisine - Kashmiri Raw Kahwa 

Fine green tea is one of the key ingredients in Aurganicum’s Kashmiri Kahwa (Tea) distinctive blend, which also includes rich additions like cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, rose petals, and more. Pure Kashmiri Saffron strands are used in the blend to give the Kashmiri Raw Kahwa its distinctive flavour. Our Kashmiri Kahwa contains no caffeine, and the mixture's spices aid digestion while also acting as an effective fat burner. Since the green tea in Kahwa is sourced from the Kangra region's valley, it is high in antioxidants and helps the body detoxify.

Taste Of Kashmiri Scent

Green tea and spices are combined naturally. It provides incredible health benefits because its components are abundant in antioxidants and vitamins. Lift your spirits with the divine flavours of Kashmir, which combine natural green tea leaves with unique spices to produce a cup of ecstasy that is overflowing with delight. When you want some warmth but don't want the sturdiness of strong tea or coffee, this mix is great because it is subtle in taste.

    Vendor: Aurganicum
    Type: Tea
    Size: 85 gms
    Material: Glass

    Heals digestive system

    Relieves stress

    Helps in weight loss

    Enhances skin health