White Acacia Honey (Tulsi Infused)

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Key Specifications

Contains anti-inflammatory properties

No artificial colour/flavour added

Rich in anti-oxidants

Possess anti-bacterial properties


The Collection Of Mono-Floral Honey

Domesticating Apis Mellifera and Apis Cerena, then relocating them to an area with many blooms on single plants, is how mono-floral honey is made. For instance, tulsi (holy basil) flowers blossom and are widely accessible throughout the year. Beehives are set up near the fields. Bees gather as much nectar as possible from blooms and turn it into honey. This honey will have tulsi-like qualities. Thus, tulsi-related characteristics will be infused in the white acacia honey. Additionally, pollen, which has natural protein characteristics, is also found in honey. This pollen will likewise provide the appropriate plant qualities that ultimately offer several health benefits. 

    Vendor: Aurganicum
    Type: Sweeteners
    Size: 250 gms
    Packing: Glass

    Prevents from cold & cough

    Strengthens respiratory system

    Acts as an energy booster

    Reduces stress and anxiety