White Acacia Honey (Original)

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Key Specifications

Contains anti-inflammatory properties

High fructose content

Doesn't crystalize for longer periods

Organically sourced from the black locust tree


Why Is White Acacia Honey Used?

White Acacia Honey (Shahad) sometimes referred to as locust nectar, is obtained from the Robinia pseudoacacia flower. Its shelf life is increased by the light, nearly translucent tint and extended liquid retention. Due to its potent antioxidants, acacia honey may promote acne improvement, assist in wound healing, and provide further advantages. White Acacia honey is quite popular because of its high nutritional content and slow crystallisation ability. Because acacia honey contains a lot of fructose, it crystallises quite slowly. Being genuine, it is usually regarded as one of the best types of honey in the world if you are seeking a specialised type.

Organically Sourced From American Roots!

A cultural icon. Acacia trees often referred to as "black locust trees" in some traditions, produce honey that is used to make acacia honey (Robinia pseudoacacia). Native to the Eastern United States, this tree is most common in the Appalachian Mountains. The calm valley of Kashmir in India is home to the black locust tree. From here, acacia honey is harvested.

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    Type: Sweeteners
    Size: 250 gms, 500 gms
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    Protects neurological functions

    Provides mental wellness

    Boosts skin health

    Helps in wound healing