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Anti-inflammatory properties

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Unveiling The Nutritional Power Of Daliya

Imagine starting your day with a bowl of warm, comforting goodness that tantalises your taste buds and showers your body with various health benefits. Daliya, also known as broken wheat or bulgur, is a wholesome delight that has been a staple in Indian households for generations. While it may seem like a simple grain, daliya boasts an impressive fibre content that pampers your digestive system and is much more than just a culinary delight; it's a nutrient treasure trove. 

Broken wheat or daliya is rich in essential B vitamins, minerals like magnesium and iron, and antioxidants like selenium. It supports overall well-being, boosts energy levels, and strengthens your immune system. Daliya is also a heart-healthy choice, with its ability to lower bad cholesterol levels. Including Daliya in your breakfast can aid in muscle maintenance and growth. Beyond breakfast, daliya shines in various culinary applications, such as the savoury Daliya Khichdi, a light and satisfying dinner option loaded with vegetables and aromatic spices, ensuring a delightful palate and a nurtured body. Plus, it's perfect for vegetarians and vegans seeking protein alternatives. Aurganicum brings you the best quality daliya, whether you enjoy it as a hearty breakfast cereal or explore its culinary potential in your dinner. You are making a choice that prioritises your health and well-being. Experience the goodness Aurganicum's daliya brings to your plate and your life. It's time to savour the flavour of health and vitality with every delicious spoonful of daliya.

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Type: flour
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Gut Friendly

Maintains Cholesterol Levels

Relieves Constipation

Maintains Blood Pressure