Kodo Millet Flour

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Key Specifications


Great source of dietary fibre


Plant-based protein


Exploring The Richness Of Kodo Millet Flour

Kodo Millet, known as 'Koda or Arke', is a true package of health-boosting elements that Mother Nature offers. This ancient grain is a powerhouse of nutrients that promises to rejuvenate your well-being. Kodo Millet, scientifically known as 'Paspalum Scrobiculatum', has been cherished for centuries for its remarkable nutritional content. Kodo millet flour is loaded with dietary fibre and ensures your digestive system stays on track. Its influential protein content provides the essential building blocks for growth and repair. At the same time, carbohydrates offer a steady stream of energy.

In Ayurveda, Kodo Millet Flour is known for its therapeutic properties. Its light, dry, and warming qualities make it a top choice for maintaining overall bodily harmony. Including Kodo Millet Flour in your diet can soothe digestion, reduce inflammation, and promote optimal metabolism.

Nutritional Wonders Of Kodo Millet Flour

Modern research aligns with ancient wisdom, highlighting Kodo Millet Flour's numerous health benefits. This positive millet flour is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This millet protects against oxidative stress and boosts immunity. Its high fibre content aids weight management, keeping you full and satisfied. Moreover, polyphenols make this millet flour a potential guardian against chronic diseases.

Vendor: Aurganicum
Type: flour
Size: 1 kg

Maintains sugar level

Help in weight loss

Good for heart

Aids in digestion